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Ren's Carpet, Flooring & Stairs

We also specialize in providing and installing stairs, railings and hardwood flooring.

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Refinishing of Existing Hardwood Flooring

Revitalize your existing worn or discoloured hardwood floors by sanding and refinishing. The finish on your hardwood floors may be showing excess usage in some areas or perhaps marks and scratches. Sanding a thin layer off the surface should eliminate these imperfections. Then a new multi-layer finish can be applied to give years of lasting beauty. Of course, a stain can be added before the top coat finish if you wish to create a particular colour to fit your desired decorating scheme.

Virtually any strip or plank wood flooring can be brought back to looking like new, whether traditional oak, maple, or birch hardwood; parquet flooring; or softwood flooring, especially pine.

Sanding and refinishing is more economical than replacing your hardwood. Nothing replaces the beauty and warmth of a well maintained wood floor.

Buffing is the process that involves smoothing out and removing the top layer of finish so that an additional coat will adhere properly to the remaining ones. Any light surface scuffs and scratches are removed, however any deep scratches through the finish coats down to the wood will not be removed and will appear darker after the buffing process.This process should be used only if the floor is still in good condition and has not been worn through to the wood, and has never been waxed.


Carpet Repair
- Squeaky floor
- Patching stained or burned spots
- Loose or damaged seam repair
- Underpad replacement
- Re-stretching to remove ripples
- Worn or damaged carpet on stairs
- Detached carpet from tack strips
- Replacing tack strips

Hardwood Repair
- Scratches
- Water damage
- Floating Hardwood
- Engineered Hardwood
- Laminate
- Bamboo
- Cork

Tile/Ceramic/Vinyl Repair
- Sheet vinyl repair
- Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT) repair
- Ceramic tile and Natural Stone/Slate repair
- Grout repair